People and Culture

Our Culture


Growth attributed to merit and performance and not any extraneous considerations


To not be afraid of taking risks and experiment to grow our business


Ensure high standards of ethics and professional conduct both internally and externally with our clients


Our open culture is what makes us unique and a great place to work! The look and feel of our workspace design exemplifies our open-door policy, making it a warm and friendly work place. We breed a culture of togetherness where managers and business leads sit along with their team members and share a great camaraderie. The organization’s values and beliefs are personified by the behavior and attitude of our employee


Asmi Shah

I have been associated with eClerx for more than a decade. The question I get asked often is “what made you to stick to one organization for so long?” I feel it is the agile nature of eClerx and the exposure it has provided in different avenues.


Benaifer Karkaria

I joined eClerx in 2009 through campus recruitment from K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management. Today, I owe my professional growth to the varied responsibilities and exposure I was given early on in my career. I believe my journey with eClerx has been an enriching one that makes me feel truly empowered.


Mehul Sadvilkar

As a Senior Manager in the Learning Team, I lead a team of dedicated trainers who deliver trainings on software technology and advanced analytics. Today, as I reflect upon my journey at eClerx, I feel it was extremely rewarding in terms of the experience I gained and the opportunities I had to accelerate my growth.


Parijat Singh

I started my career at eClerx, fresh out of a business school with very little understanding of investment banking operations. eClerx gave me the relevant knowledge and skills for managing operations and people. What’s best is that while the company was growing, I too grew along with it.


Sneha Prem Saxena

I was empowered to make decisions and manage the processes in the manner that I deemed fit. Be it interacting with senior client stakeholders or dealing with onshore relationship leads, eClerx provides ample learning opportunities at all designations.

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