Relax and relieve stress with the eSquad, eClerx’s sports group that includes staff from various skill and corporate levels. Employees bring their A game to compete and team up with fellow employees in our exciting Game Zone in cricket, table tennis, chess, volley ball, soccer, badminton and more!.

Cultural Events:

Our cultural committee Symphony organizes exciting on-floor activities including photography contests, movie making competitions, tradition sharing days and more!


eClerx’s annual town hall and performance presentation event - eDay, is aimed at recognising and felicitating the year’s best performers across all business verticals. The event is a way for our Directors to meet with teams and address them while summarising the company’s annual performance, milestones, initiatives and future goals. The event also serves as a platform for our employees to showcase their talent across extracurricular activities such as stand-up, drama, performance arts etc.

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