Ryan Scott Story

Army Strong: How True Grit Transformed my Life and Career

To achieve his aspirations, Ryan Scott has always shown true grit, no matter the challenges he's faced. With a career defined by 15 years working with over 30 Fortune 500 companies, he has excelled in and embraced the field of digital analytics. But growing up, he had a slightly different passion. While other boys were captivated by the crisp uniforms of first base men, or bulky spacesuits that propelled astronauts into deep space missions, Ryan had a different dream. He recalls, "I've always wanted to join the army. As a small boy, I was fascinated with the uniform and the type of values the army held. My father was in the Merchant Navy and just the word "officer" enchanted me." Despite years of professional success, Ryan held fast to his childhood dream.

My father was in the Merchant Navy and just the word “officer” enchanted me.

Not surprisingly, the armed forces’ lifestyle is significantly different from civilian life with its daily comforts and conveniences. Regardless of the industry you work in or your work environment, commendable skills such as leadership and communication are always transferable – facilitating your seamless transition from one career to another. He explains, "The army requires and teaches discipline, grit and hard work. I now have two sons and these are the values I wanted both my sons to learn and exemplify. I wanted to set an example for them by joining the army."

Despite his passion for an army career, life had other plans for Ryan, and he ended up deferring his dream for several years. "I could've joined the army much earlier in my life, but I lost my father when I was young. I had to take care of my family. Being in the army would've meant moving to remote locations and away from them at a time when they needed me and I just couldn't do that. But I always held the dream close to my heart and I've been lucky enough to be working at a place like eClerx, that helped me to pursue my dream."

4 lakh people attempted the exam and just 9 people were chosen- I was privileged enough to be one of those 9 people.

Though Ryan's path to the army was circuitous, he recalls the challenges with pride. "The actual training began even before I took the exams. To become physically army-ready, I was required to lose 20kgs, which took several years. 4 lakh people attempted the exam and 9 people were funneled out - I was privileged enough to be one of those 9 people. I then trained in Srinagar, and now I take a few leaves every year to do my time…"

Now an Army officer, Ryan exudes excitement about his responsibilities., "On a day-to-day level I carry out a wide variety of tasks depending on the requirement. For instance, on some days I train troops and administer exams for superior officers. Other days, there is physical and weapons training, flight navigation, urban warfare and sometimes requirement process for new soldiers. At one point, I was in charge of 110 men. All of this is just regular work day for me as an army officer. "

Working at eClerx eases the pressure of the army and also helps me in mission-related endeavors.

But how does Ryan successfully balance his work day schedule with the intense demands of his Army Officer responsibilities? Having waited so long to achieve this dream, he has no complaints about maintaining a work-army balance. He chuckles, "It's a real struggle, but is the struggle I wanted! Working at eClerx eases the pressure of the army and also helps me in mission related endeavors. But as hard as the struggle is, the perspective I gain is priceless." Although eClerx and the army are quite different from each other, there have been instances where skills from one organization have been fittingly applied to tasks for the other. Ryan explains, “I've had to describe the benefits of a complicated testing technique to someone halfway across the world, then turn around to my soldiers and communicate an order to them in straightforward Hindi. The output in the army is always instantaneous and clear. I'm not sure if that is the case anywhere else."

Life will throw many challenges and obstacles at you and although you can overcome that with self-belief, support and encouragement certainly goes a long way.

Ryan's unique and exemplary journey has not gone unnoticed by his colleagues at eClerx. Rather, his journey serves as an inspirational reminder that we have limitless talents and potential and, that it is possible to make a living, while also pursuing a passion. Ryan's true grit and determination shows that we can overcome the many obstacles and challenges life throws our way. "Support and encouragement goes a long way. I certainly found that in abundance at eClerx, as I am sure anyone else working here also will."

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