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The No.1 Business Analytics Program Is Now Within Your Reach

Every organization has data they need to gather, analyze, and interpret. That's one reason the field of Business Analytics is growing on a pace to become among the most sought-after domains for present and future jobseekers. According to a recent McKinsey & Company Big Data report, in 2018 the United States alone could potentially face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 professionals with deep analytical skills, along with 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use Big Data analytics to make effective decisions. To keep up with the demand, fill the talent void and prepare workers for this opportunity, eClerx has partnered with the Great Lakes Institute of Management to develop an innovative Business Analytics program ideal for undergraduates with a quantitative background. Ranked the No. 1 analytics program in India, the 12 month PGP-BABI (Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics & Business Intelligence) combines an industry endorsed curriculum with general management and analytics, to make students business-ready in analytics.

Get an eClerx endorsed degree in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

Learn from world class faculty and mentors from leading international and national schools, with decades of experience and expertise in their industry. Participate in knowledge-sharing sessions and guest lectures led by industry leaders and pioneers, to stay ahead of the curve. Interested? With eClerx's flexible work schedule and the program's blended learning environment, you can learn while you earn with minimal disruptions to your work schedule.

Here are five ways the PGP-BABI program benefits to your career:

Greater Lakes

Great Lakes PGP-BABI program has been Ranked No. 1 in India by Analytics India magazine for two consecutive years. It combines innovative lectures, industry-relevant curriculum and hands-on training.

The program curriculum combines the management basics, and analytical techniques with applications for data-based decision-making.

Candidates benefit from hands-on learning using industry standard analytics tools such as SAS, Tableau and R.

The program is designed in such a way that it causes minimal disruption to your work schedule. The classroom sessions are followed by online learning so that you learn continuously and in a cumulative manner.

Corporate partners are involved in designing, facilitating projects and industry lectures to maximize your industry-oriented learning and training.

After reviewing several programs, Great Lakes’ PGP-BABI program was an easy choice. The program not only provided an efficient blend of practical industry exposure, but also gave us opportunities to work on real-life capstone projects, interspersed with domain knowledge through eminent faculty members and industry guests alike. Moreover, the assignment-led assessment approach and the robust LMS provided, added to the whole program being a rewarding experience

- Amit Madan, Sr.Digital Analytics at eClerx

To be eligible for the PGP-BABI program, here's what you'll need:

  1. Complete the course with an above average grade.
  2. Maintain a minimum of 75% in attendance
  3. Remain employed with eClerx for a minimum of 18 months after successful completion of the program.
  4. Continually perform well in your job both during and after the program.

At eClerx, we recognize and award excellence, which is why if the employee manages to score an ‘Outstanding’ during the program, eClerx will reimburse them with the entire employee contribution towards the program fees

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