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Data Scientist: The most sought after job of the modern world

Data science is everywhere. A recent Forbes magazine article declares that data analysis is 'the century's hottest career’ – we have strong evidence all around us to even support this claim. Data Science is a rapidly evolving and exciting field. Enterprises today have access to a plethora of data collected from various customer touch points including websites, apps, social media, blogs and more. But data gathering alone isn't nearly enough to drive a positive impact on business. The value of data science lies in the journey towards achieving three significant types of results: discovery, insights, and innovation. This is where great scientists shine.

Why Choose a Data Scientist Career at eClerx?

At eClerx, we have the privilege of working with over fifty global Fortune 500 clients, including many of the world's leading companies across financial markets, retail, technology, cable & telecommunication, and travel commerce companies. The premium status of our clients is exciting to any data scientist. However, the bigger draw is the wide range of business challenges we have the chance to solve for, using data analytics. This makes eClerx an excellent place to learn. Here are six ways eClerx's data scientists provide added value to our clients:

eClerx Data Scientist value add eClerx Data Scientist value add
eClerx Data Scientist value add eClerx Data Scientist value add
eClerx Data Scientist value add eClerx Data Scientist value add

With the combination of added responsibility and a hands-on learning atmosphere, we've experienced great success with all our clients. However, the success we are most proud of is the growth that all our employees show day on day. One of the best examples we can share is from our Competitive Intelligence suite of services:

eClerx Data Scientist value add

Crunching numbers at other companies can be excruciating. But for me, working at eClerx gives me the opportunity to learn and reach beyond my current responsibilities. This is the most exciting aspect.

- Priya Subramanium, Sr.Data Analyst

The Skills to Get Hired at eClerx

Here are the core skill-sets necessary to join our talented team of data scientist:

  1. Basic Tools: Familiarity with the tools of the trade such as a statistical programming language i.e.: R or Python and a database querying language like SQL.
  2. Basic Statistics: Strong knowledge of statistics is vital and required, as is the ability to distinguish the application of various approaches to different techniques. You should be familiar with statistical tests, distributions, maximum likelihood estimators, machine learning and other methodologies.
  3. Data Visualization and Communication: Visualizing and communicating data is incredibly important. For Communication, you must have the ability to describe your findings and the techniques you have utilized, to technical and non-technical audiences. For visualization, you should be familiar with data visualization tools such as ggplot and d3.js.

Where to apply?

For additional information, write to us at careers.eclerx.com

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