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We believe in nurturing talent, and the best way to get fresh talent is through campus tie-ups.

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Explore possibilities. For career guidance, write to us at email campus_connect@eclerx.com

Know eClerx

Founded in 2000, eClerx Services Ltd. is headquartered in Mumbai and has about 9,000 employees; most of them are strategically located across delivery centers in Mumbai, Pune, and Chandigarh.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits play a significant role in the lives of employees and their families, and have a crucial financial and administrative impact

Employee Benefits

Health and Wellness

All eClerx employees are covered under medical insurance, and eClerx pays 100% of the healthcare premium for all its employees

Employee Benefits

Leave Benefits

All employees of eClerx can enjoy up to 35 paid leaves a year, in addition to several other leave benefits

Employee Benefits

Financial Benefits

From pension schemes to car buying options, we offer various financial benefits to our employees

Employee Benefits

Dream To Be An Entrepreneur

At eClerx, employees are encouraged to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations and make a difference